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Megan Kuntz applying a triangle during the gold medal bout at the GTA Classic.
Megan Kuntz applying a triangle during the gold medal bout at the GTA Classic.

MARKHAM – Eleven athletes from Kilian Academy represented Grey-Bruce County at the 2021 GTA Classic held in Markham, Toronto.

The GTA Classic, one of Canada’s largest annual Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournaments, took place over the weekend at the Markham Pan Am Centre, Toronto, ON. Local Owen Sound martial arts academy, Kilian Academy, was represented by eleven athletes at the Classic.

Program Director, Abrie Kilian, lauded the athlete’s performance at the tournament, bringing home 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze. “Our athletes waited the whole year for the opportunity to test themselves against the best in Canada and abroad. Our athletes have worked hard in the past three months in preparation for the Classic. Their fitness and conditioning were peerless. For most of our athletes, this was their first participation in a tournament and they did not disappoint.”

Nick Mole passing his opponents guard.
Nick Mole passing his opponents guard.

Brothers Alex and Sean Wildeboer from Owen Sound, defeated athletes from both Ottawa and Toronto, to secure gold in their respective divisions. “The twins are veterans at BJJ and exceptional at it. They showcase pure wizardry when performing their magic during competition.” Stated Kilian.

Megan Kuntz, Hanover resident and Academy athlete, stole the hearts of spectators with her strong performance in the female division. Kuntz lost by one point in the final and secured silver in her debut at competing. “Megan is an inspiration to both male and female athletes and her performance had the crowd on their feet.” Stated Jon Newiger, assistant coach.

Suable resident and owner of Fretz’s Valu-Mart, Dave Fretz secured silver in his competition debut. “Dave fought a three-star wrestler losing only by two points in the final of his division. Dave’s performance was coloured by pure heart to endure a seasoned opponent, showcasing his mental fortitude and focus.” Reflected Kilian.

Shallow Lake resident and Academy athlete, Nick Mole, fought in the toughest division on the day with almost 30 athletes seeking gold. Nick secured bronze in his competition debut. “Mole lost in the semi-finals against the athlete that took gold. His performance was exceptionally strong and will serve as a strong foundation for his future in competitive Jiu-jitsu.” Added Kilian.

According to Kilian, all Academy athletes competed above expectation, proving that Owen Sound has the depth in athletic performance to compete against the best in the world. “This tournament was our Academy’s debut tournament. Our athletes will welcome a week-long rest before we prepare for the next tournament. However, this time around we will have a larger and even stronger team.”

Kilian Academy is a Martial Arts Academy in Owen Sound. We study Martial Arts as a lifestyle of self-improvement. An adventure with others to embody the warrior code.

Mike McGahan getting ready to pass his opponents guard at the 2021 GTA Classic.
Mike McGahan getting ready to pass his opponents guard at the 2021 GTA Classic.

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