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The Kilian Academy Awards, or the Academy Awards, will be hosted for the first time on the 10th of March 2023, by Kilian Academy. The Awards is set as a fundraising gala, held for the benefit of the Kilian Academy athletes and it's equipment fund. As the only official black tie and evening gown event in Grey-Bruce County, the event has the potential to be one of Grey-Bruce's most prestigious luxury events. The event draws athletes associated with the Academy, business people and residents from both counties.


The 2022/2023 Academy Awards is hosted in celebration of the Academy athlete's exceptional performance during the 2022 competition calendar, which saw 4 Canada National Champions and 5 Ontario Champions being crowned. 

The event will be held at the Sauble Christian Fellowship on Friday the 10th of March 2023 at 6 pm. Tickets are $80 each. Tickets are available through Kilian Academy, and inquiries are available at the bottom of this page.


Nominations for Male Athlete of the Year 

Abrie Kilian

Nick Mole

Alec Wildeboer

Sean Wildeboer

Nominations for Female Athlete of the Year

Megan Kuntz

Nominations for Junior Athlete of the Year

Ethan Guichelaar

Kristahn Kilian

Landon Lorenowich

Derrick Scheper


Nominations for Performance of the Year

Curran Dixon

2022 Next Gen Niagara Silver Medalist. Curran faced a tough division at the Next Gen. Curran crushed the division, losing by points in the finals.

Tournaments: 2 Results: 1xS Matches:7 Wins: 5 W/Sub: 6 Sub%: 85,7%

Abrie Kilian

2022 AJP Canada National Champion. Abrie was DQ’ed during division finals and was awarded Silver. Abrie went forth and secured Gold in the absolute division.

Tournaments: 4, Results: 5xG 1xS, Matches:10, Wins: 7, W/Sub: 6, Sub%: 85,7%

Nick Mole

2022 AJP Canada National Champion. Nick bulldozed through his division to be awarded gold. His performance throughout the year was flawless, ceding only 2 points and overwhelmingly winning all matches. Tournaments: 5 Results: 5xG Matches:13 Wins: 13 W/Sub: 9 Sub%: 56,3%

Derrick Scheper

2022 AJP Canada National Champion. Derrick, in his maiden tournament, had his final match stopped by the match official in the protection of Derrick’s Opponent due to Derrick’s continued assault from Guard, securing his gold.

Tournaments: 1 Results: 1xG Matches:1 Wins: 1 W/Sub: 1 Sub%: 100%

Nominations for Athlete's Athlete of the Year

Curran Dixon

Nick Mole

Brad Robertson

Adam Smart


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